AvidMind's Projects


Weblore is a social bookmarking website, where users can share their favorite websites across their devices, as well as with other users.


The backend of weblore is a Perl application, which uses a MySQL database.

The frontend is almost completely static, built using Bootstrap and jQuery.

User can register using an email address or a facebook account, and can add their bookmarks, as well as vote on the bookmarks of other users to promote them to the tops.

The votes of each user depend on the ranking of the users, with the votes of users that have an higher ranking weighting more than votes of new users - anonymous users can also vote on their favorite websites, but their votes weight very little.

As users climb in the ranking they get the ability to down vote links, double vote them, report them as spam or (at some point) even mark them as spam.

The score of each user progress proportionally to the votes of the links that they submit.

Part of the weblore roadmap includes creating plugins for the main browsers to use (some of) the links the user have in the weblore to create a starting page in the browser, we well as mobile apps for iOS and Android, so that users can have their bookmarks synchronized across all of their devices, even when offline.



Neve[rs]Mind is my personal blog.

It is a static website, created with Hugo, the static website generator.

Over time I created multiple blogs, each dedicated to a theme (politics, books, tech, etc). Neve[rs]Mind is the consequence I me realizing that maintaining multiple blogs resulted in none of them being updated that often, specially when my professional live takes a bit more of my time and energy, so I selected the relevant content from across all of those blogs and got it all together in this one.

That makes it a bit eclectic, but so is my mind. Some of the topics I write about are Tech, Development, Personal Finances, Time Management, Books and a bunch more.

In the second half of 2023 I plan of restart writing a lot more, so keep an eye on the Neve[rs]Mind blog.

Homem Mais Rico

O Homem Mais Rico daBabilónia

Homem Mais Rico is the landing page of the Portuguese translation of the book The Richest Man in Babylon, a classic of personal finances and the base for a lot of the recent personal finances books.

It’s a single page website for a small, but very powerful book, created using Bootstrap and Hugo, a static website generator.