About AvidMind

Hi, my name is Marco Neves. AvidMind is my trade brand.

I’m a freelance software developer and systems architect, specialized in scalable, high-reliability, distributed backend systems.

I have over 25 years of experience, including more than 10 years in international tech companies, with different teams, designing and building multiple systems, from caching systems handling terabytes of data to a messaging platform that handled millions of messages per day and billions of requests, or a realtime accounting system.

I can help design and create scalable, reliable and high-performant backend systems that can power your application.

My current work consists of freelance clients and side projects. Over my career I use several different languages and some of the services I can provide are language independent - most architecture decisions, for instance, hold independently of your language of choice.

See more about the services I can provide you in the Services.